Quality Policy

FAB Properties provides a range of property management and leasing services, which meet the requirements of our clients and tenants and quality standard parameters, and ensures that properties are leased and managed in accordance with the organisation’s terms and conditions of business. The principle of an equal exchange of value is embedded throughout our business to provide the highest quality of service and the most attentive management relationships in the industry. FAB Properties believes that, by offering our clients the benefits of expert property management, and our tenants the added value of quality housing combined with efficient and responsive maintenance, we will build relationships of mutual benefit and thereby grow our business.

This Quality Policy conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 has been established to ensure that the Quality Management system: -

  • Encompasses our core activities of property management and leasing, defines and measures the expected level of client/tenant satisfaction and the needs of other interested parties
  • Includes a commitment to meeting client/tenant requirements and to continual improvement
  • Has the trained resources needed and the contribution of competent suppliers and partners to maintain our defined quality property standards
  • Provides a framework for establishing and reviewing measurable objectives and operates within statutory, regulatory and legal requirements
  • Demonstrates top management commitment and ensures that the quality objectives are communicated, understood and implemented at appropriate levels of the organization, and that performance is regularly measured
  • Is regularly reviewed at the management review meeting for suitability and effectiveness addressing continual improvement and client/tenant satisfaction

This policy is approved by the undersigned and is supported by all levels of management within FAB Properties. We believe that Quality is the responsibility of every employee. To assist this obligation the Management shall ensure that all staff are clearly briefed as to their responsibilities and that suitably qualified personnel are provided with adequate resources and training to maintain and improve the quality management system.



Jasim Al Ali

CEO FAB Properties